More than 25 years in healthcare has given me a chance to explore many aspect of healthcare including hospital based care, home health and, most recently, managed care.  

This is my attempt to share interesting information about healthcare in general, medical terminology and the variety of career opportunities available in the healthcare industry.      

Welcome to your Daily Dose Head Quarters.  Jane Jackson, RN, CRC

HEDIS, RAPS, CPT, AMRR, HCC, ICD-10, HOS, CAHPS, CPC, MCO, NCQA, CDIP, EMR, HCPCS, CRC, HIPAA, HRA, PHI, IPA, ACO, MRA, PCMH, CPHQ -- look like an alphabet gone wrong??

Wonder what all these mean?  What they may mean to you?  Join me for a deep dive into these AND MORE...

Facts and information about healthcare, common and unusual medical careers, strange and rarely used medical terminology and the associated ICD-10-code,  essential workplace skills, common challenges of working environments - clinic, hospital, managed care, office, working from home, family and career balances..... the list goes on and on.... ALL explored and explained. 

WELCOME to Daily Dose HQ.